The Judge and Jury of Colin Kaepernick: A Giant in Plain Sight

The Silent Majority is a powerful voice and movement in America. The folks who work hard at their jobs, and may also have a side hustle. From all walks of life, these people love their country and families. They’re also passionate about sports, rooting on their favorite teams.

The Silent Majority is not exclusive to one race, gender, or political party. The SM votes and raises their kids to leave high school for college, careers, or the military. They all want better education, health care, and safer streets.

The SM also believes in fairness and social justice, while yearning for a nation free of racism and hate crimes. Why wouldn’t they? I’d also bet most of these people wished Colin Kaepernick found a less divisive form of protest. For Kaepernick’s sake, as well as the sake of his cause.

The Silent Majority aren’t the ‘loud in the crowd’ type.

These people use social media to share recipes from scratch and leftovers. Ideas for birthday parties, summer reads, and herbal teas. The Silent Majority does not use social media to grandstand, shame, or escalate arguments.

When self-promoting blowhards preach and denigrate, the Silent Majority walks away. When the talking heads on charged-up TV shows get hostile and hateful, the SM tunes out and switches channels.

The Silent Majority has no use for Facebook and Twitter ranters, compiling likes and retweets for their moments in the sun. In chat rooms, the SM responds in kind. When trolled and trashed for being civil, they log out and leave the site for people less combative and more respectful.

The Silent Majority will decide Kaepernick’s future. Not the courts, sponsors, or National Football League.

Despite Kaepernick’s grievance against the NFL, there’s no guarantee he’ll end up on a league roster. Matter-of-fact, I doubt it, even if he’s able to prove the owners colluded against him.

If it’s found the owners conspired to ban Colin Kaepernick from the NFL, so what? It’s their league, and they’ll pay any fines and damages. No one has to offer Kaepernick a job — despite the nobility of his cause. Since when is Kaepernick or anybody else entitled to be an NFL quarterback?

The NFL has a bigger problem than Colin Kaepernick.

The owners gambled that Kaepernick and his baggage would exit the NFL together and be gone for good. How convenient that would be, but how wrong they were.

The NFL never imagined this season’s sideline protests and support for Kaepernick and his cause. I bet they never imagined poor TV ratings and empty stadiums either.

The owners are being squeezed on one side by the players, and the fan base on the other. All this, while the problem has festered and splintered. Now, it’s a mess.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

Who’s calling the sponsors on Monday mornings, voicing their displeasure over TV advertisements on a medium linked to anthem protests?

Who are telling these customer service reps that they will never buy their products or services?

Who’s skipping the games and turning away altogether?

Who is writing angry emails to NFL teams, the league office, and media outlets?

Who is writing constructive emails to NFL teams, the league office, and media outlets?

Something tells me these anonymous who’s aren’t the roaring mice from the blogs and social media platforms. Could it be the Silent Majority, who by the way, are speaking out in volumes?