Four Reasons Why College Degrees Are Becoming Useless
The Mission

When students do not improve during their college years it is either because they are poorly taught, or because they do not apply themselves, or because they find a way to take easy courses. At many colleges, moreover, standards are not what they should be.

What I find more disheartening are articles such as this one. I have earned a B.A., an M.A, and a PhD. I have never enjoyed anything like a decent salary. Many high-school grads have made much more than I have. My job-security has floated — and often sunk — on the whims of the market. Nevertheless, I would not change my course if I were given a chance to do things over. My education is precious to me. It has allowed me to live more broadly and to experience more deeply than I would have without it. It has allowed me to examine my actions and choices critically. It has filled my mind with interesting and beautiful things, history, music, poetry. I spend much of this treasure every day without any fear of depleting it.

So please don’t tell me that college is useless.

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