JavaScript vs. Python in 2017
Michael Bolin

> but those who use Node today for server-side code or command-line tools would probably be better off using Python

Errr… No. Just looking at the performance side of things, JS has years of support from huge web companies investing in building always faster JS engines: Fast Python libraries like numpy are actually written in C/C++

Not even talking about how tedious it is to package an app with PIP (virtualenvs to the rescue) VS NPM/Yarn or even the increased development cost in supporting Python 2 / 3 compatibility because so many users still didn’t make the move to Python 3 ten years after its release…

I agree with you that the JS ecosystem is a little bit of a mess with the perpetually evolving language specs (thanks Babel) and the distinct Browser vs Desktop environments. But criticizing the language because it gives you too much choice with a rich and redundant ecosystem can not be considered as an argument (if you’re lost just pick the most popular one ;))