A warning from Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and Stephen Hawking
Quincy Larson

Outsourcing and automation are the same problem, in that the third-world worker, like a robot, can do a task more cheaply than a first-world worker. Training people to be engineers won’t help much because few people have the brains to get through an engineering curriculum. Engineering, like other subjects, will only get more demanding over time. Nor do I like simply giving people money, which takes away the satisfaction of doing for yourself and pulling your weight. Once we realize that working is an end in itself rather than just a means we should figure out ways to block unwanted automation. btw, the inventor of the computer, A.M. Turing, thought that it would eventually replace smart people while preserving work for dumb to average people. He was a leftist and hated the upper-crust Oxford types. The computer was to be the blue-collar revenge. He might even be right!

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