My experience at Andela so far………

It is the last day before the second self learning clinic day and I am filled with much excitements. The bootcamp has reaffirm it to me that whatever I put my mind and might to I can achieve. It has also improved my communication skills, how to work with people and how to seek for help without feeling inferior. It has shown me that no one is an island of knowledge.

I got to meet and relate with some cool bootcampers and great minds too. I have not spoken to more than half of them in person but slack channel has been there for communication. Never thought I could do a day without eating while not fasting coupled with not been able to go to the toilet because you don’t want to forget the program counter as you are doing manual compiling of codes until you bladder is about to burst.

The ability to work under tension and deadlines is also a quality I have improve upon since getting into this bootcamp. I will be heading into the Self Learning Clinic day 2 tomorrow with an open and clear mind. Hardwork begot success and I am ready to give it all it takes.

I have to add that the only regret I have had so far is not getting earlier than now into the bootcamp.

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