BestPrice Assistant

George Papadakis
Dec 8, 2018 · 2 min read

BestPrice is not a site.

BestPrice is a platform designed to bring value to consumers, retailers, brands and the e-commerce ecosystem as a whole.

To get there, we designed BestPrice to be a medium-agnostic service enabler.

Our mission is to explore innovative ideas and generate benefits and value for all parties involved in the e-commerce ecosystem, either immediate or as result of network effect related mechanisms.

Our latest effort, as part of this mission, is BestPrice Assistant.

BestPrice Assistant is a suite of services built to help consumers make better buying decisions and save money and time.

It’s implemented as a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox.


BestPrice Assistant offers a growing list of features.

Here are some highlights.

Price comparison

When a BestPrice Assistant user visits a store — be it one participating on BestPrice or even one that isn’t — the user is notified if there’s a better price for this product or not.

Merchant info

Additionally, upon visiting a store, information related to the store — such as its rating and certification level — are exposed to the consumer so that she/he can have an instant store overview and info.


BestPrice users can subscribe to categories, set up some basic options and be notified they are only interested in.

See MyDeals sections on BestPrice for more.

Using BestPrice Assistant, users can have access both to major current deals, but also to MyDeals. That means users can access deals and offers that really matters for them, instantly and from anywhere.

There are more than a dozen features currently implemented on BestPrice Assistant.

See more here.


Assistant will soon expand to more browsers and devices.

Retailers and brands will also be benefited by a plethora of B2b services coming to BestPrice Assistant.

BestPrice Assistant will play a significant role in our plans for next year — a year that’s already shaping up to be an exciting one.

Stay tuned.

George Papadakis

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CEO at, Co-founder of Phaistos Networks.