Sketch 3.0: (My) top 10 new features 

The best just got (3 times) better

Sketch 3.0 has just been released.

If you are even remotely related to Design , you SHOULD experience it the soonest. Once you will spend some time with it, you will find yourself wondering why you have been doing ‘this’ the wrong way for so long.

This new version brings a great deal of new features (and fixes too, of course), seen here.

Besides the obvious ones (i.e symbols), Sketch brings a great deal of more features, some of which I have picked as my “top 10 features of Sketch 3.0".

  1. command + t: Instantly focus on font selector in order to change or select font. Huge time saver.
  2. Presentation mode: Extremely handy when in need to show and discuss your work with your team.
  3. Temporary zoom: (keep) Pressing § when zoomed in (or out) so that the view-port will temporally revert to 100% (Huge time-saver!).
  4. Alt+tab = focus on first field. Another great time-saver (eventually and hopefully this will focus on width as default in a future version).
  5. Paste in place ( Command+shift+v): Paste a layer right where the selected layer is. Bliss.
  6. Use solid color when exporting: No more “white” or “bg” layers. Just select a color for a slice (or an artboard) and your exported slice will use this color when exported!
  7. Drag layers or groups to instantly export them: Drag a layer or group (or a selection of those) from the layers list (yes, the layers list) to anywhere to export them. Magic, yes? ☺ (tip: you can even drag them to Sketch itself in order to easier join layers into bitmaps).
  8. Font-size handler: Text layers having their width set to “auto” feature another handler enabling you to change their font-size just by dragging it.
  9. Press shift when inserting shape to lock ratio: Simple, but ultra helpful.
  10. Auto add offset to duplicated layers: This is a bit tricky: Alt+drag a layer to duplicate it and then press command+d to duplicate again using the previously used offset.

I know I sound too excited about this product and that’s because I really am. The team behind it has done amazing job to ensure that.

As I said, give it a try and see for yourself.

ps: 3.1 is “rumored” to bring even more awesomeness ;)

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