Don’t be Popular

I kind of like being not popular. I have written 6 or so long, critical articles on fake news/politics and nary a person has read them. I could go out and comment on a bunch of political posts and encourage people to read my articles, network and build a base. Put that time in. But that sounds like a lot of work, and I am pretty lazy.

Part of me thinks it is pretty ridiculous to be writing like I have an audience even though I have a limited one. I used to have a blog that was attracting a following (albeit small) and I could have continued to try and build an audience. But it is a lot of work and as I stated, I am pretty lazy.

Plus it gets to be boring trying to follow the ‘script’. You need to attract an audience, and feed them delicious nuggets of attention grabbers. The dry analytical, tame moderation is far too bland than the fast food of attention grabbing headlines. I would need to be consistent and continually post and get all up in your social media like a Facebook ad. I mean there are congressmen and women on here. I need to compete with that!?

No sir/madam. This guy is going to rant in perfect obscurity while he still can. The individualism in me wants to say ‘Look at me’ and the skeptical side of me says ‘Who are you, anyways?’ We already have a plethora of bloggers out there each a special little snowflake and their own brand new original idea/branding. This person is the business self-help-y type where they talk about ‘10 ways you are doing it wrong’ and ‘5 ways you don’t have the qualities we are looking for’. And then this person is the critic, where he pretends he doesn’t want to be popular and writes page long boring posts and then complains about it later. Wait a second.

I have a third fear in that I would by some miracle actually become popular. I have a day job and don’t want people to actually see this. Politics actually complicates business relationships despite what Chick-fil-A or Hobby Lobby or McDonald’s or LL Bean or Hawaii thinks.

So, in closing, dear non-reader, please advert your eyes. Look away as I bury myself down your feed.