Can’t Go Home Again
Steve Lickteig

I live in a Red State in the rust belt that went unabashedly for Trump. I am liberal in my beliefs, my neighbor voted for Trump. I am white and have had many experiences that you describe, both growing up and on Facebook now. But most of my interactions within my inner-circle and experiences around town have stayed the same.

While I agree with your plight, I think you portraiture of Kansas forgets that if you poke around a little bit you’ll realize there is 30–40% who didn’t vote for Trump. That being good while racist, means that it is actually out there. That is indeed racism/sexism, it has been under the surface for a while now. The conversation of implicit bias is really what we should be actually having. Ironically, this article would imply you have an implicit bias against middle America in that they are categorically one way.

The real question is why the simplest explanation of why they are being forgotten is the one they accept first and if that is true or not.

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