The Real Problem with Donald Trump Jr.’s Emails

He told the truth, eventually.

The real problem for the Trump campaign is that it makes it harder to say the evil media released the story of damaging emails. Donald Jr. released them himself.

The Breitbartians can still say that the ‘libtards’ are making a bigger deal of this than they have to, and rest assured they are, but the plausible deniability has a hole in it now.

I find great irony that President Trump is going to have a long year ahead of him because someone finally told the truth from inside. Sure Junior squirmed for a while with adoption stories and yata, yata. But eventually he let it all air out.

And to be clear, it would have been in Junior’s best interests to lie at this point. I think like a sane person, he thought that a New York Times’ article would be damaging, so Donald Jr.’s logic was to get ahead of it and tell the truth. But he should have realized in the loosest White House this side of the Mississip’ you can spin anything.

President Trump excels at creating a narrative and telling the truth in this instance does not fit. To be fair, I don’t think it would have fit any politician’s narrative but certainly not this hyper-partisan, war on media, type of political atmosphere. What’s worse is that someone close to him who he trusts told the truth with good intentions. He can’t discredit them, put distance or degrade them, which is what he has done so far. Which unto itself is interesting.

It may a fluke from someone who is not politically skillful and it has brought a mountain political intrigue, but is kind of a relief that someone, some where within earshot of Trump finally told the truth about something politically expedient. This is a strange feeling unto itself, as usually it is the liars that have to carry the weight of their lies around.