Please don’t think all men are deserving of this.
Daniel DeMarco

I would like to also respond, if I may. I would like for men, who honestly are not hateful to women, who honestly do not think women are inferior and need to be “Put in their place” to just not take this type of post personally and write long responses trying to put the woman in her place. If it’s not about you, then it’s not ABOUT you. Recognize that this was triggered by somebody else, somebody male. Don’t let your shared maleness give that other guy a pass for making nasty comments that women feel almost obligated to respond to by trying to make us feel bad for hurting your feelings. If you do feel defensive and strongly feel the need to stand up and declare that this is unfair to men, maybe get to know more women (and men) and try to show some empathy of your own before you demand it of us.

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