The Uncanny World of Muslim Memes
Rahat Ahmed

While I don’t really “get” most of these memes, they do not seem that weird to me. Many of my family members are very religious Christians, and they also use pop culture in weird ways to express their fundamentalist Christian ideas. They are, not surprisingly, similar to the Muslim memes you posted. For instance the Ramadan meme where the smiley faces are wearing hijab is similar to Easter memes I’ve seen and expresses the same idea. During X holiday, people of Y religion suddenly act a lot more religious/devout than they normally do the rest of the year. For people with very strongly held beliefs built in to their culture, everything becomes a way to express or come to terms with those beliefs, even pop culture references that, if taken by themselves, might even seem antithetical to those beliefs. As a person who is not at all religious, I am fascinated by the way religion and culture intertwine. Thanks for posting this.

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