“Think of it as a subscription — for your heart.”

What if the internet of things were inside you?

Jameson Rich has lived with a cardiac device connected to the internet for the past three years, well aware that the same types of security risks inherent to any connected gadget also apply to his heart. For OneZero, he writes about the proliferation of internet-connected medical devices and the anxiety of living with one.

At first, he was consumed by a fear that the device could harm or kill him. But “what bothers me more now,” he writes, “is the cavalier way the medical community has decided unilaterally that the threat of hacking does not matter for the average person, and that the side effects are outweighed by the lifesaving nature of the device.”

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I Live With a Digital Security Threat Inside My Body
A device connected to my heart could save my life. It could also be hacked.onezero.medium.com

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