The UTS Ark (Film/Sequence)

When I watch the trailer and the film for the assessment task, I was shocked of how he can use his Steadicam technique in one take for 96 mins. To imitate his technique, I filmed in a space that may capture the essence of the plot of the film less than a minute while idealising the portrayal of how people use and interact in their spaces in a domestic environment. When I framed my short film, I was really framing portraits represent a space of experimenting with new techniques and provide several takes with different people going through media experience. I am mirroring Sokurov’s technique like how a person moves their head around and sees the room in the eyes of a camera. The film technique of Steadicam, continuous one shot influences a person would move in the area with unlimited, amount of options of where to go or sit in a space like this. Like Julius Shulman photography, the essence of his idea depicts the form of living specific to its architecture. In this case, the UTS Main Lobby. (The Russian Ark Trailer)

Storyboard of Ideas what my film will be about (My Video)