Prove to your master that you’re worth being born

This is what I learn from meeting an admirable 38-year-old entrepreneur. He has been highly progressive since his 20s.

Imagine there is a master up high, creates this universe, this world, 7 billion people, plus you. He also gives you the right to choose, 10 easy choices, then 1 hard choices. What will he think if you always go for the easy choices? Does he need to create another easy-go creature to add up 7 billion humans? So what if you go for the hard choices, to create and contribute what matters? You will suffer a lot, you will face difficulties a lot. But you can prove to your creator that you’re worth being created, worth his while, you’re a good investment. As a grande investor, what will he do?

Your master will invest more in you.

#highexistence #evolution

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