Humphry: BBC Radio 4 synced to US local time

Peter Hames
May 21 · 8 min read

Step 1: learn how to code

My original set up including tiny keyboard and massive hand.

It’s ugly but it works (sometimes)

Just like when John Humphrys wore a slanket, it was time to question everything

When Humphry met JSON

Wait a hot minute JSON. Are you telling me you were there the _whole time_?

The hardware

Health and safety was not high on the priority list in the Whixley workshop
Hello there, Humphry!
A rare look inside Humphry’s guts
Humphry’s best side
Humphry has another side to him you don’t often see

Running the code automatically

Cron is very useful but really dumb

What now?

Peter Hames

Written by

Founder of @wearebighealth, the digital therapeutics company behind @Sleepio

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