How to make air force plane using popsicle sticks amazing homemade thing

◕ Making air force plane model at home using recycle materials– popsicle sticks. 
◕ My homemade airplane like the air force plane AC-130 is one of the best fighter jet — importance: make at home very easy — life hack with popsicle sticks. 
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◕ Materials: popsicle sticks or ice cream sticks, hot glue gun, hot melt glue sticks, adhesive tape, knife, round beads,…
◕In this video tutorial i am gonna show you how to make a toy airplane using 5 popsicle sticks and some hot glue.
◕ You will find the easiest way to create airplane model in my videos, and you can present it for your friends or your childrens.
◕ All of my stuff on my channel is made at home and are provided only for entertainment and watching purposes. 
let’s watch this video to learn how to make popsicle stick airplane. I hope you have fun time for my channel. You can like and share my videos if you enjoy it. Thank you very much.

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