How to transfer your ZCO tokens to other accounts

Note: If you want to play safe, do a first round transfer with very small amount. Verify that tokens reached expected place and then repeat steps 3 thru 12 for rest of the amount.

Using myetherwallet (MEW):
First ensure that ZCO is added as custom token and you are able to view your ZCO balance in MEW. Steps for that are in below note:

2. Note that one can transfer tokens across accounts only when token transfer is unlocked in the contract. It can be verified using below web page

if value of ‘transferAllowed’ is true it means token transfer is unlocked and vice versa. If transfer is attempted when token transfer is locked in the contract, then transaction will fail.

3. Open MEW and authenticate your ethereum account to get to following screen.

4. Enter ethereum address to which you wish to send tokens to in ‘To Address’ field. Double check that you entered the correct address. Note that transfers done to wrong address are irreversible and by default cause loss of tokens.

5. In ‘Amount to Send’ field, select ZCO in dropdownlist and enter numeric amount to be transfered; upto 8 decimals are supported. Naturally this can’t exceed the current token balance in your account.

6. Gas Limit: You are advised to set transaction gas limit to 53000 or more (regardless of no of Tokens sent) for ZCO transfer transactions. Note that gas required & gas consumed by successful transaction doesn’t increase with setting higher gas limit; On other hand if gas limit is set lower than what transaction needs, transaction fails. Note that failed transactions also burn gas and will incur transaction fee.

7. Gas Price: Optimal gas price depends on multiple factors like traffic on the blockchain, no of miners participating in transaction processing etc. Higher gas price may reduce the time taken for the transaction to complete but it increases cost of your transaction in ethers. We observed some transactions on 29Apr’18 and there gas price between 8GWei and 14GWei was good enough. Experienced users also can see third party sites like which give current info to help decide optimal gas price.

8. Adequate Balance: Overall cost you incur for transaction in ethers =
(actual gas consumed) x (gas price in GWei)/1,000,000,000
So ensure that ethers balance in your account is adequate to cover the gas cost incurred.

9. click button ‘Generate Transaction’.

10. click button ‘Send Transaction’.

11. Now click button ‘Yes,I am Sure! Make transaction’.Then you will see following screen.

12. click button ‘verify Transaction’ to see transaction.

For example,In above transaction gas price is 10 GWei and gas limit is 38000. Here transaction fee is 0.00037207 Ether($0.25).