Security precautions/tips for Token holders during Zebi token Swap

Phani Arega
Mar 5, 2018 · 2 min read

1 If you are not sure, first swap very small (fractional) quantity of tokens and verify if specified destination address is credited with the expected no of Zebi tokens. Once that is successfully verified, then swap the rest of tokens.

2. Please note that transferring Zebi tokens to wrong address means irreversible loss of the same. The swap address to which you should transfer Zebi tokens should be obtained from and only from the bridge software display. Please don’t transfer to address got thru any other source of information, not even telegram or email from a Zebi employee. If you receive the swap address thru any other channel, please don’t use it and report that to ; It could be a fraudster’s phishing attempt misguiding participants to send token to his/her address.

3. Please note that swap address could differ across token holders. So use only the swap address specified by bridge software to you.

4. Zebi does not have any website other than ( also forwards to this). So please don’t follow any other website for Zebi token swap instructions. There could be fraudulent websites opened with similar domain names/look and feel attempting to misguide participants. One can confirm the authenticity of the site by checking the SSL certificate details as illustrated in below image:

SSL certificate based site authenticity verification

5. Attempt only token swaps mentioned on website as gone live.

6. Exercise caution and specify correct recipient address for your tokens on the destination blockchain. Please note that if you specify wrong recipient address, bridge software would transfer to that wrong address and it could be irreversible loss of the tokens for you.

7. Please note that token swap process doesn’t need token holder transferring Ethers or BNBs or any crypto currency to any address. If you receive such instruction it could be a fraudster’s attempt to cheat. Token swap process only needs token holder to transfer the Zebi token(s) to swap address specified by the bridge software.

8. Please note that token swap process doesn’t need token holder to provide their blockchain account’s private keys, or keystore file or passwords. If you receive such instruction it could be a fraudster’s attempt to cheat.

DISCLAIMER: Zebi shares tips, precautions with prospects, participants in the interest of their security. However, Zebi makes no warranty, nor assumes any legal liability or responsibility for the completeness or adequacy these listed precautions.

Phani Arega

Written by

Senior Vice President, Engineering, Zebi Data

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