Steps to swap Zebi ERC20 tokens in your Exchange wallets

Phani Arega
Oct 10, 2019 · 1 min read

Step1: Create an account on Ethereum public blockchain where you hold the credentials (private key/keystore file + password) ; say this account address is E1; If you already have such ethereum account, that could be used as well. One way of creating a new account is using myetherwallet by clicking on “Create a new wallet” as shown below

Step2: Transfer all your ZCO’s in the exchange wallet into E1. For this you should login to your exchange portal and follow their instructions for transfering your ZCO tokens to third party ethereum account

Step3: Now go to bridge software and follow its migration instructions ; Wherever EPK0 is referred in the Bridge software instructions, use E1 in its place.

Note: Do not perform direct transfer of ZCOs, that you have in an exchange, into swap account (EPK1) using your exchange portal/website. This could result in irreversible loss of your tokens.

Phani Arega

Written by

Senior Vice President, Engineering, Zebi Data

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