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“What is the most complex problem you have had to solve in your work?”

Most of us are familiar with this question. Either we have asked someone during an interview or sometimes the other way around. In this post, I would like to answer this question by combining several experiences of mine as a first-time Tech Lead.

The Problem

I was asked to work on a discovery story and come up with a POC (Proof of Concept) which will save a few thousand dollars. Sounds interesting right? It’s a trap for people who like exploring new things and also for those who…

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There are a million ways in which things can go wrong in IT. Especially with the newbies, who are not used to the office environment or the process. Not, everyone is lucky enough to start their career as an Intern; who gets an opportunity to see and understand the work culture before getting into a full-time job. I think it is relatively easy to learn a new technology than to get used to a new environment or unlearn things from college. So, here are few tips for the beginners.

Note: The scope of this post is limited to non-technical day…

Phani Mahesh

I speak Javascript, Go, Java & Python.

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