Here’s the simple framework for #selling your product. Memorize it for yourself.

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1. #Gather info: The basic is to ask questions & drive over the assumptions. Find out if your customer has previously used a similar kind of product before, and how they used it. ?

Research on it. Ask relevant questions. Derive meaningful insights. Do not try pull the other product down — highlight your product features for the actual problem they solve.

2. #Respond to the information above: Emphasize the importance of using the product for today / future. …

Conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) empowers enterprises to employ chatbots, messaging applications or virtual assistants to build highly engaging and valuable relationships with customers. This cutting-edge technology is spreading rapidly across every industry and more excitingly, providing enterprises with a huge potential to accelerate their growth and innovation.

From whatever little it has seen of AI assistants so far, the enterprise world has built great expectations. …

“There are so many deep-tech innovations in Silicon Valley. Why haven’t we seen such innovations yet from China, India and other countries?”

This is a common question among many members of startup community worldwide. I propose my “Layers of Innovation” theory to answer this.

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When you look at the innovation coming out of startups (especially internet startups), you can see innovation happening in 3 layers:

  • Infrastructure innovation
  • Deep Tech Innovation


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