After life — China bans exchanges — @Sep14

Blood bath has started. Much other unfortunate news added fire. I’m not going into detail about the past news. Let’s focus on the near future.

  1. What do we know?

Chinese people cannot trade bitcoin with ease. But they can still trade Bitcoin, anonymously and with low fees.

2. How can Chinese people still trade?

They can still trade using decentralized exchanges. This can be through platforms such as Kyber and 0x.

3. What matters now?

Privacy and anonymity matter more now. This means tokens providing true anonymity can be favored. Eg: Verge (XVG)

4. What is the safe heaven for near future

There isn’t much to say except hold or tie to tether(USDT)

5. What would be the bottom of current BTC trend?

Likely to see BTC at 2800$–3100$ in next few days. But true low depends on news and traders sentiment.

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