A sedate start.

Well, a lot of promises made and goals set. Did I make progress? Let’s see.

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A summarised version of this post.

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Although the screenshot says the gist, I’d like to expand on three aspects.

While I planned to skip watching movies until July, I broke this resolution a couple of days back when I watched the movie AlphaGo (The story about Google’s AI engine beating the world champion Lee Sedol in Go) on Netflix. I’ve seen people lauding this movie recently and I decided to watch it and boy it was epic. The narration and screenplay of the movie mirrored real-life…

Another new year comes by. Another opportunity for a fresh start. Well, technically you don’t need a “new year” to start something good or develop a good habit. But, I’m a human and maybe I need a moment like a new year to start a few new things. Haha. So, I’d like to take this opportunity to make a note of all the things that I’d like to accomplish in the next 12 months.

Well, I’ve had a colorful start to 2018. I travelled to Thailand for the new year, been at the surreal Maya Bay beach at Phi Phi…

A short memo on experiences from the hack sessions, workshops and answers for a set of common questions from attendees.

Analytics Vidhya, a popular community of data scientists from India, organised a Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence conference on 9–11th November, 2017 in the hottest tech destination in India; Bengaluru. A bunch of thought leaders from the industry, prominent data scientists, data enthusiasts, and beginners too, have come together for this spectacular event. While Dr.

IndiaHacks is the annual flagship event of HackerEarth and one of the tracks of the event was Machine Learning. After two rounds of shortlisting through online rounds, from more than 500 participants, 15 participants from all over India were selected for one final onsite round where we had 9 hours to solve the problem. The following is a brief writeup on the same.

Hotstar is an on demand video streaming service in India. It boasts about having more than a 100 Million users and more than 35,000 hours of content on their platform. …

February 2017 has been a really good month since I have had an opportunity to work on multiple machine learning challenges, hosted by Analytics Vidhya, and came out winning both of them. I wanted to share my experiences of participating in these challenges.

The first of these challenges was a mini-hack in which participants had three hours of time to build the most accurate predictive model that predicts surge pricing type for a taxi aggregator so that the matchmaking between the right cabs and right customers is quick and efficient.

After a quick exploration of data, I encoded the Gender…

A 2-day experience at Societe Generale, Bengaluru

Societe Generale, one of the largest banks in France, in collaboration with HackerEarth, organised Brainwaves, the annual hackathon at Bengaluru on November 12–13, 2016. The theme of the hackathon this year was “Machine Learning”. The hackathon had an online qualifier from where 85 top teams out of 2200 registrations from all over India, were selected for the final round. The final round was a 30-hour long hackathon which needed the teams to solve 1 problem out of 3 given problems spanning across transaction fraud detection, image and text analytics. …

Analytics Vidhya, a community of analytics professionals and data scientists hosted an online data analytics hackathon on 20–22nd of November, 2015. After my very bad performance on their previous hackathon, I was geared up to do well, try new things and learn during the process.

The challenge was to predict purchase prices of various products purchased by customers based on historical purchase patterns. The data contained features like age, gender, marital status, categories of products purchased, city demographics etc.

After working on a host of classification problems, a regression problem this time was very refreshing for me and I wanted…

Analytics Vidhya, a community of analytics professionals and data scientists hosted an online data analytics hackathon on 5th, 6th (weekend) of September, 2015. I have come to know it just a couple of days prior to the hackathon and I quickly registered and cancelled all my weekend plans. While there were a lot of registrations before the hackathon began, there were only about 70 odd participants who participated and submitted solutions.

Problem Statement: Digital arms of banks today face challenges with lead conversion, they source leads through mediums like search, display, email campaigns and via affiliate partners. Here Happy Customer…

Well, it was a rather ordinary day when I found that there was a hackathon being organized at BSE in South Mumbai and that’s when I along with a couple of my colleagues from Data Science Labs at Housing.com decided to form a team and participate in the weekend hackathon. We were pretty late to the event and we received the data on friday night and we only started working from the afternoon of Saturday. Effectively, we had just above a day to beat the best competitors.

Problem Statement: Propensity model development –the client has a couple of use cases…

Is the cars industry leveraging their data?

Well, data science has several applications for the automotive industry, especially cars. The following are a few:

  • Product Development: Ford has been instrumental in taking a data driven approach into designing new cars by looking at the customer reviews data and several data sources across internet. See [1]
  • System and Enviromental impact: Ford Research once again is harnessing the power of supercomputing and advanced mathematics to arrive at these decisions. See [1]
  • Car insurance by telematics: Discovering the driving patterns of the driver by using the telematics technology and analyzing the data, insurance…

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