HiBTC is a trading revolution, a trading trend of the future.

The huge success achieved by cryptocurrency over the years is no longer news has it has opened a lot of opportunity doors and making the business excellence that is the dream of many investors a reality. Starting with the invention of cryptocurrencies and the awareness creation of making this digital asset known to people, wasn’t an easy task, but it was a task that was worth all the troubles. Cryptocurrency started with Bitcoin, was invented or rather established by the man known and called Satoshi Nakamoto in the year 2009. Dating back to 2009 when people were still struggling to believe in the prospects that come with digital currency and the cryptocurrency market generally, the only money or currency that could be referred to as cryptocurrency asset was Bitcoin.

The cryptocurrency concept, over these past few years, has covered a wide variety of digital tokens and coins amounting to 2,000 by the 16th of Sept. 2018, and all of these is built on no other foundation than the blockchain technology, which has always had the sole aim of inventing a transparent and fair credit community. It is held in view, that more than 50,000,000 (50 million) investors all over the world who engaged in cryptocurrencies, and they are either traders, holders or just normal people who are enthusiasts of cryptocurrencies. In 2017, there was an emphatic growth that can well be described as explosive, when varieties of cryptocurrency exchanges had to pause the registration of new users and investors, though temporarily. The fact does not dwell entirely on the growth recorded in the number of digital coins, tokens and users, the market value has also consequently expanded. In the beginning, digital currency had no value because not many investors understood the platform and were afraid to invest their money, but today, it has now gotten to a stage where digital currencies now have a combined market cap of over USD 200,000,000,000.

Following the growth and development that has been observed in cryptocurrency, it is obtainable that a user can acquire and exchange cryptocurrencies to their desired Cryptos. Ever wondered how people obtained cryptocurrencies or exchange them from one type of cryptocurrency to another? The question has its answers in digital asset exchanges. These past years, a lot of digital assets exchanges have been made, such that any conversant crypto trader that is committed to what he does, would have made over 1,000 transactions from December 2017 till now. It is my delight to introduce the new kid on the block which I stumbled into recently, the name if that kid is HiBTC, which is a cryptocurrency exchange that aims to achieve the very same aim that blockchain was established to achieve — a fair, safe, secure, comfortable, transparent and security inclined financial community.

So, what features does HiBTC have?


Safety is our top priority. HiBTC collaborates with top security companies, using multi-layer firewalls, multi-signature, and cold hot money bag isolation programs to maximize the security of user assets.


Financial-grade transaction framework, using memory coupling algorithm, handles 2 million transactions per second; The securities-level API interface supports professional trading instructions such as high-frequency, GTT, GTC, FOK, ICO, providing extensive technical support for professional investors.

Trading mining

Under the “transaction + token holding” mining model, 50% HIBT (HiBTC token) is rewarded to users through transaction processing fee mining. The HIBT holders also enjoy the income distribution and the decision-making right to jointly participate in business affairs.

Revenue and rights sharing

Regularly distribute platform revenue to all HIBT currency holders. Without the establishment of a board of directors or shareholder meeting, the right to make decisions on major issues, income rights, management rights, etc. shall be fully returned to HIBT holders.

1+1 currency list mode

Platform selection channel + HIBT holders recommender currency issuance channel: A user group that holds 5% or more of HIBT circulation can independently recommend a digital currency to login to HiBTC.

Transparent and orderly

Publicize all data related to user’s interests, including platform transaction data, income data, mining data, voting data, etc., and be Query-able, traceable, and verifiable.

HiBTC Profile:
HiBTC is a Hong Kong-based electronic money trading platform, a trading platform invested by Ceyuan Digital Assets. HiBTC publicly addressed its Malta office, a European country where Binance is also headquartered. HiBTC also follow the trading instructions is mining and split profit for the following person token, this is a great way to attract users, and improve liquidity. Moreover, this model not only helps the floor but also benefits investors, if the floor has a large trading volume.
HIBT Token:
HiBTC Token (HIBT) is the token issued by HiBTC. The entire issued HIBT base equates to the overall ownership of HiBTC trading platform which adopts an innovative “trading as mining” model. The total number of issued HIBTs is set at 10 billion and will never increase. HiBTC will divide its earnings to HIBT holders. At the same time, the owners also have the right to participate in important decisions and management areas, including listing new tokens, transaction fees … In addition, the floor also plans to “ “ Users can voluntarily take part or all of the HIBT lock on the floor and enjoy over-rate sharing with different rates. The longer the lock time, the higher the divide rate.
How to distribute tokens:

Dividend Bonus Program:

HiBTC offers a program called “Dividend Bonus Program,” which is a reward sharing program for members. Rewards are divided among members based on the volume of transactions and the number of HIBT members held.

Dividend Bonus is calculated as follows:

Bonus you earn = Platform Revenue * ratio * (Number of HIBT you have / current circulation of HIBT)

Calculated once per hour. At the following day, the amount accumulated yesterday 24 hours will be issued to the user’s wallet.

The most noteworthy and most interesting of all is “FomoHIBT”:

HiBTC will set up a prize pool growing in size along with the exchanges growing incomes. HiBTC shall put the 100% of the daily dividend of the account “Holder Shared Fund” into the bonus pool, every day before someone trigger the price. Once the pool is triggered, the HIBTs trading contributors of the day will be distributed all prize in the pool.

Learn more about HiBTC by looking up the Website or Carefully download and Study their Whitepaper.

=> Advantages of HiBTC:

You can find out more about HiBTC at the following links:

Official site: http://www.hibtc.com/

Whitepaper: https://www.hibtc.com/om/about/en-us/whitepaper.pdf

Bounty Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5016151.0

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100027855751559

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HiBTC_Exchange

Telegram: https://t.me/www_HIBTC_com1

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