Ritual for the Rebirth of a Republic

Libertas, Goddess of Freedom

There’s a rich tradition of using magical ritual as a means of resistance, protest, and protection.

Operation Cone of Power” was done by a coven of English witches in 1940 to try and prevent the Nazis from invading the U.K. On October 21,1967, Abbie Hoffman’s puckish activist group, the Yippies, and several esoterically-inclined artists including Allen Ginsberg, Ed Sanders, and Kenneth Anger, did a series of spells in Washington D.C. to protest the Vietnam War, including one to Levitate the Pentagon. Feminist activist group W.I.T.C.H. did several workings against the patriarchy, including one in which they “hexed” the New York Stock Exchange in 1968 — and in 2016, new W.I.T.C.H. groups started springing up all over the world to continue in their vein of crafty activism.

To that end, there have been many group protest spells circulating, and live events for people to participate in should they feel called to.

As with all spiritual practice, there are many different methods and styles of doing magical workings, so I thought I’d offer mine, too. Rather than being concerned with a specific target, its focus is self-fortification and connection to community, hope, and divine power.

You’ll need a candle, and any other sacred objects you wish. I’ve had a copy of the Constitution on my altar since the election, next to images of deities who help me feel strengthened and inspired, and special objects including jewelry which I’d like charged so I can carry the spell’s energy with me when I need it.

As you speak the following words, it’s all the better if you can face the appropriate direction before you utter each section:

Welcome, Air in the East, direction of new beginnings. Thank you for blessing us as we recommit ourselves to the country, to the planet, and to our highest purpose. Blessed be.

Welcome, Fire in the South, direction of passionate will. Thank you for keeping us steadily fueled, so that our flames stay lit, and do not burn out. Blessed be.

Welcome, Water in the West, direction of dissolution. Thank you for washing away all that is no longer serving us, so that we might flow forward and forge new pathways. Blessed be.

Welcome, Earth in the North, direction of green wisdom. Thank you for teaching us that you are precious, that our bodies are precious, and both are abundant and enough. Blessed be.

Welcome, Ancestors of Below, direction of the sacred depths. Thank you for helping us turn behind and within, so we may learn from the brave freedom fighters who came before us, and so we know that they dwell inside our selves. Blessed be.

Welcome, Guides of Above, direction of infinite possibilities. Thank you for helping us look ahead and outside, so that we may follow your light of hope, and expand our own imaginations to dream up better ways of being. Blessed be.

Welcome, Sacred Center, direction of holy mysteries. Thank you for showing us that in death there is life, that in life there is endless transformation, and that love is the most powerful magic of all. Blessed be.

The circle is cast. We are between worlds.

Light the candle.

I light this candle to Libertas, Goddess of Freedom.

Oh Columbia, oh Marianne, oh Eleutheria, oh Artemis, or any other name of your liking, may you please keep your torch ignited, so that we may find illumination during this dark time.

May you help us lift up our most vulnerable, and shine light in the margins, so that we may not overlook our sisters and brothers who dwell in shadow.

Please help us find our fiercest and most unflagging strength, so that we may neither give up or give in during the long struggle ahead.

Thank you for helping us know that our bodies are sovereign and self-belonging, and that our genders, our sexualities, our physicalities, our skins, are each holy and whole exactly as they are.

Please let those who would seek domination, exploitation, or destruction of others and of our planet awaken swiftly to radical compassion or else to harmless obsolescence.

Thank you for reminding us that no one can save us but ourselves, and that we each have the responsibility of using our unique gifts to help usher in a new age of glory.

And thank you for teaching us that liberty is love, love is liberty, and that the path of kindness, laughter, truth, and empathy will forever be chosen by the just and the good.

Thank you, Libertas, for your guidance and your blessings. May we all be worthy of wearing your crown.

Blessed be.”

Keep the candle lit for as long as you are able. If you must leave it unattended, simply snuff out (don’t blow), and then relight at another time. Once candle has completely burned down, you may bury the remaining wax underground, or otherwise dispose of in the ritualized manner of your choosing.

When this is complete, reopen the circle of the spell. Simply repeat the calling of the 7 directions in the opposite order, saying Thank you, instead of Welcome, starting with the Center e.g. “Thank you, Sacred Center…”

Also? Voting is magic.

*This ritual was originally published on Haute Macabre.