Introducing the Cross Easy Chair

Launching a new model is always exciting. We finally listed the Cross Easy Chair, one of my favourite lounge chairs, on our website a couple of days ago. I say ‘finally’ because we were ready with the production version of the chair by mid-April. We just couldn’t make space in our warehouse for a photo shoot until last week :-). Doesn’t make us sound very efficient, but hey, we’re growing and running out of space faster than we ever imagined.

Like all our chairs in the Project Chandigarh collection, the process for this one started with studying original vintage models of the chair in Chandigarh. Our design chief and woodworkers then went into a huddle over how they could make the chair structurally better, without altering the proportions or aesthetics of the chair in any way. They figured out a couple of cool hacks, to give the chair our special touch and added robustness. Design Drawings were made the old fashioned way, on a drawing board, and templates were created. After a few iterations, the final template and prototype were ready. Here are a few images that show the process of evolution of the Cross Easy Chair.

Early Template cut from MDF
First prototype frame in teak
Polished and caned
Close up view of the final version
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