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we open 19:00 every day and won’t close before 01:00

19.10. / 22:00 Jam Session

20.10. / 22:00

Kings of Kink / Garage Blues live on stage

Buena Onda / Balearic Beats on the decks

Berlin-based KINGS OF KINK are inspired by the original 60’s & 70’s Blues-Rock and strive to transport its energy into their contemporary songs about life, love and the endless search for meaning in our rushing modern society.

While their classic set-up of a Rock ’n’ Roll live band guarantees a good exercise for your dancing feet they will not shy away from showing true emotion and human imperfection.


27.10 / 22:00

Koogleboogle the party ***the legend

Los Pitutos Boleros, Cumbias, Valses, etc live on stage … a one way ticket to Latin America

Los Pitutos is a Chilean-Colombian band from Berlin (go figure) specializing in adaptations of popular Boleros and Cumbias mixed with their own compositions.

3.11. / 22:00

Back To Terminal / Funk-Rock live on stage

10.11. / 22:00

Album Release „HEAVEN‘S ESTATE“

Als Session- und Studiobassist ist er überall zuhause, ob im Jazz, Blues, Rock, Soul …. aber Martin ist nicht nur Mucker, sondern auch Songschreiber und Sänger und mit „Heaven‘s Estate“ erscheint nun sein Debütalbum, auf dem er alle Einflüsse und all seine Erfahrung zusammenbringt — und seine Liebe und Leidenschaft für die größte Rockband aller Zeiten. (The Beatles)

17.11. / 22:00

PALLET OF LEAVES Afro/Folk/Roots live on stage

Cosmic Compositions on the decks

Pallet of Leaves is a Berlin-based acoustic band fusing American, African and other influences into a sound both novel and traditional, familiar and otherworldly.

19.11. / 21:00 amSTARt presents:


“Welcome” record release show

With „Welcome“ F.S.Blumm has perfected the imperfect. Where other producers filter out the noise, pops and crackles, Blumm does the exact opposite. He reverses the roles of desired and undesirable sound.
What remains are songs like sculptures left in the wake of acoustic tracks.


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