Harish Chandra Reddy 2018 Kukatpally Political Updates

Voice of Common People

Harish Chandra Reddy Kukatpally constituency 2018 Assembly contestant. Work agenda to serve the people stand by the people issues and problems in all sectors,which they are facing and developing the kukatpally constituency with advanced works and make it as role constituency. The updates from political career the process of thinking to have a more desirable constituency ever before. modernized Eight divisions in constituency Harish chandra reddy the process of making plans for something new in every division to create all good healthy environment to develop the solving of issues.

The Agenda of Kukatpally constituency and Common People

He completed his graduation and he knows the value of education,he thought that Harish chandra reddy to make is kukatpally constituency people to provide all the benefits and reach their rights towards education sector to make more better and high qualified students in there organisations and live a respectable lives in the society. Every child of the constituency has to get awareness of social activities and helping hands to help each other, the motive to tune as good citizen.

As well as, Senior citizens to relax their retirement life as per the requirements and suggestions make available for outdoor gym,walking tracks in nearby parks and library with some daily news papers and some more indoor games. The senior citizens and people suggestions and Advice are taken with high priority in developing of works placed in constituency.

The Youth from various divisions of kukatpally constituency participation will be more and more to be initiated in progress of solving the issues with Harish chandra Reddy kukatpally constituency the stand that taken for progress of improve the poverty line of common people.

The man rises his voice for people and there rights, from all the necessary road works,water pipelines,drinking water,pollution controls etc..all works from government to get sanctioned on be half of people looks after it with all supporters of kukatpally people.