Crinum latifolium Constituents

- Actinic assay of bulbs crop alkaloids. Baptize extract of leaves aswell yielded alkaloids, abnormally of the crinane type, e.g., crinamine, crinamidine, crinafoline, and crinafolidine.

- Abstraction abandoned four alkaloids by spectroscopic method: Augustamine, undulatine, 6-hydroxy undulatine, 6-hydroxy buphanidrine.

- Crinum latifolium phytochemical assay of leaves yielded a all-inclusive arrangement of compounds, viz., alkaloids, phenolic compounds, tannins, flavonoids, terpenoids, amino acids, steroid saponins, and antioxidants. Ball has yielded hippadine, pratorinine, ambelline and lycorine, 2-epilyocorine and 2-epipancrassidine, a part of others.

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