Chief Technical Officer, Adam Gilmore

The venture to fill a gap in global pharmaceutical markets with real-time data is shining an international spotlight on Brisbane’s pharmaceutical technology innovators.

PharmaData was one of 39 Queensland companies recognised across 12 categories for excellence in international trade at the Queensland Premier’s Export Awards with winners announced Thursday 20 October at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Nominated for innovative technologies impacting Health and Biotechnology PharmaData’s proprietary software pioneered real-time reporting to change the way the collective $1.05trillion …

Three levers Australian pharmaceutical industries use to deliver outcomes need to be reworked says delegates at the 6th annual Eyeforpharma Sydney conference last week.

Taking place across two full days leading names in Pharma such as Mylan, Novartis, Bayer, Takeda, GSK, Roche, among many others took part in keynote and panel discussions with a goal to improve future marketing and sales force effectiveness.

The opening quick-fire and answer panel moderated by PharmaDispatch Publisher Paul Cross set the tone of the event in a bid for honest answers to questions Pharma has been asking itself for the last 5 years.


Informed decisions with data from your pharmacy — for your pharmacy.

It’s hard to turn from what you know. It seems to be when someone asks the question, “Have you looked at what data is available?” it creates a sense of insecurity. Or it can make you think current structures and processes don’t work very well because they aren’t already data-driven.

This doesn’t need to be the case when understanding how technology can help your business grow, especially pharmacy. Technology is there to enhance your performance with more informed decisions and data that has been generated, stored and processed about your pharmacy — for your pharmacy.

While the price disclosures and…

Real-time data is for real-time action

As an owner or manager it is likely you have already looked into analysing your business’ KPIs. It is perhaps more likely that you have heard measuring them can help develop your business. And it’s true; when you use KPIs effectively there is a strong prospect of improving business performance.

To get data analysis working for your business you need to focus on understanding what your KPIs mean when you integrate an intelligence solution to improve performance.

Data in its nature is complex, but it doesn’t need to be. It just needs to mean something for your business to grow.

As funding cuts affect Pharmacy industries on either side of the world, real-time monitoring remains a prevalent topic of discussion to help improve and sustain business performance.

Real-time monitoring is a rigorously covered issue in Australia’s federal review for the future of pharmacy and Royal Pharmaceutical Society President Ash Soni reiterated its importance to industries worldwide last week at pharmacy consulting group, Avicenna’s annual conference.

Soni responded to concerns of business owners relying on redundancies to survive cuts to the National Health Scheme and said pharmacists need to “learn, train and invest to succeed” in change with solutions rather than…

We shouldn’t be surprised really…

What do we take away from customers choosing the safety net ahead of the $1 co-payment discount?

Nothing. 12 combined pharmacies and Cincotta Discount Chemist (CDC) stores had almost all of their safety net customers choose to pay their pharmacist $6.20 rather than receive the $1 co-payment discount. These stores notably gave their customers something — an option to choose.

On February 29 pharmacy consultant Peter Feros told the Australian Journal of Pharmacy their Medicare safety net customers were identified and informed well before the 1st of January when the government’s co-payment first came into effect. After speaking with their…

Is this headed for Data Intelligence or the Bahamas? I’m okay with either…

Gear up and strap yourselves in. Smart-device and mobile consumer purchases are predicted to spiral upwards of 150% worldwide this year in countries such as Australia financial services firm Deloitte said in its annual Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT) predictions.

But turning to your smart devices in 2016 will be for more than just browsing a purchase.

With the report and current data tilting heavy on the ‘how’ of purchasing, managers still need to focus on the trending ‘what’ being purchased to prevent stalling make sure business growth has a smooth take-off for 2016.

“Managers want and need to be…

Well… here’s to hoping hammocks are involved.

It’s not working on the weekends, the long hours or finishing work and realising the sun is rising. It’s the promise of editing and not writing your business.

Founder and CEO and of PeopleSpark Mitchell Harper wrote a very good point earlier this week. When you are head of a company that has grown from the initial startup team — of two in our case — to a larger company you tend to work more “on” and building the business and spend less time “in” it.

In 2010 when Adam and I created PharmaData there was no time to sleep…

It’s that time of year again when shoppers stream through centres and community stores on a mission for the year’s best gifts. The aim of the Christmas game is to make a Dasher through your shopping list like a Comet and Blitzen it to the cash register in as little number of stores as possible. One store is optimal for consumers if it ticks the boxes. So how do you make your pharmacy that one-stop-holistic-shop for customers?

Harness data into live visualisations to prompt sales and increase customer interaction time.

PharmaData technology can help pharmacies tick more boxes off Christmas…

Co-founders Guy and Adam at the Lord Mayor’s Business Awards 2015

PharmaData was awarded Australia Trade Coast Leader in the 2015 Lord Mayor’s Business Awards and their significant increase to Brisbane’s $146 billion economy and community as a leader of Small Business Growth. As a Brisbane-based company of 15 analysts, developers and customer care experts we are proud to specialise in building data solutions for the pharmacy and pharmaceutical industries catering to over 10,000 users worldwide.

Chief Technical Officer Adam Gilmore and Chief Executive Officer Guy Mckenzie said expert customer service and dedication to bridge the gap of data solutions to pharmaceutical manufacturers was how the team achieved the 1800 percent…


We’re committed to making data accessible, collaborative and meaningful in Pharmacy.

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