Holistic Solutions for the Holiday Season

It’s that time of year again when shoppers stream through centres and community stores on a mission for the year’s best gifts. The aim of the Christmas game is to make a Dasher through your shopping list like a Comet and Blitzen it to the cash register in as little number of stores as possible. One store is optimal for consumers if it ticks the boxes. So how do you make your pharmacy that one-stop-holistic-shop for customers?

Harness data into live visualisations to prompt sales and increase customer interaction time.

PharmaData technology can help pharmacies tick more boxes off Christmas lists and put them under the tree by using live sales data customisable for each employee rather than comparing data from last year’s trade. Using two key business strategies of prompting over-the-counter (OTC) generics and recommending solutions with therapeutic benefits for customers, pharmacies are responding to daily sales trends and maximising powerful returns. The Australian Bureau of Statistics confirms the pharmaceutical retail seasonal trend adjusted to an increase of 0.6% this year (2015/16) with actual sales increasing 0.4% in October alone hitting the $3.4billion mark.

Pharmacists are one of the most trusted professions in Australia, well-known in their local communities as the go-to expert in the white coat behind the counter. However the role of pharmacy has expanded considerably.

“After working closely with pharmacies for over four years we have identified other areas such as the shop-front are not as widely recognised as the medicine dispensary, and yet external data says the industry is already worth $3.4billion before Christmas has started,” said PharmaData Chief Executive Officer Guy Mckenzie.

The business opportunities to provide the best healthcare for pharmacy customers are there. Our technology simply makes them prevalent in all decision-making processes from retail front-of-shop assistants and dispensary interns to team leaders and managers.

According to an IRIWorld pharmacy retail survey 48% of consumers will go to a pharmacy first for advice on a minor ailment, and 61% of those will make a purchase with a recommendation from the pharmacist. This insight means 39% of customers who walk into a pharmacy are leaving without a remedy to their ailment or need for entering the pharmacy in the first place. PharmaData software can teach how to extend the customer interaction time and provide more indepth and relevant information giving pharmacists a chance to increase the 61% rate of sales and satisfaction.

PharmaData’s Dispensary Platform has been helping pharmacies across the globe in Australia, France, Japan, Italy and Canada to increase their profit margins through generic substitution behaviour of OTC generics. The retail intelligence platform simplifies data and makes it actionable to make sure your customers are receiving a holistic solution over the holiday season.

Utilising data in real-time and acknowledging the seasonal needs of your community will remain invaluable to consumer retention and sustainable business growth after the Christmas influx of consumer spending.

“Reporting is great, but having the information available to provide a superior customer experience and maximised revenue is better,” said PharmaData’s Director of User Experience Dave Acton.

“By cutting through the noise of cluttered and complex database dumps and spreadsheets, over 10,000 users are now able to understand where they can leap ahead of their competition and become that one-stop-shop.”

Written by Brianna Charles. Continue the conversation on LinkedIn or find us on Twitter PharmaData.