BYD N95 NIOSH VS 3M 1860

The high demand of N95 NIOSH masks in hospitals has become one of the most challenging tasks for suppliers. Early April, raw materials had depleted for factories worldwide to quickly reinforce the need for first line responder. Recently, sales of masks came to an alarming charge that were almost 5x’s the price. With the rise of COVID-19 there is still a surge in emergency room patients, and healthcare works are going through masks like crazy.

Who is BYD?
BYD is known for being the sole electric bus manufacturer with a unified
workforce whose headquarters is located in downtown Los Angeles.
BYD has been the world’s biggest electric vehicle maker for as far back as three years running, in both customer and business/mechanical electric vehicles. BYD utilizes more than 20,000 specialists universally, continually improving to make an. In the recent situations of the world, the focus has been shifted to the focus of making N95 NIOSH masks in order to supply workers and people in need.

What is the N95 Niosh?
N95 NIOSH is protective against 95% airborne particles and liquids projecting
towards the face more specifically the oral area. The sides of the mask are
meant to create a protective seal for the mouth. They are most efficient for the
first 2 to 3 days.

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How does BYD N95 Niosh compare with 3M 1860?
The difference between BYD N95 niosh and 3M1860 is that N95 is 95%
protective against airborne particles while 3M is 99% protective against airborne particles as well as the filtration. 3M 1860 has a tighter seal to close of any particles from entering the oral area. 3M 1860 can be used until they break, contaminated by fluids, or in any way become difficult for users to breathe. According to the CDC, they both meet the criteria for protection against respiratory infections. As health care professionals have said between both options yes, of course, 3M 1860 has a more effective protection rate, but due to the shortage of supply and demands due to the unprecedented times where most aren’t even wearing N95 masks,they prefer that themselves and coworkers be protected as much as possible the fastest way they can. Beyond the supply and demand, BYD N95 masks are efficient and available for pre-orders. Contact

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