Precautions for Going Back to Work

The lockdown period following the outbreak of COVID-19 has been a long one. Certain countries in the world have begun easing their lockdown rules to allow businesses to begin activities. This is because many economies have seen a downward trend and would need some time to recover.

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However, resuming normal activities without taking the proper precautions can cause a second wave of the pandemic. A second wave, according to experts, may be as bad or even worse than the first spread, hence, all measures to prevent it should be taken. Before resuming normal business or work activities, employers and their employees need to follow strict guidelines for returning to the workplace.

Before Resuming to Work

Before you consider returning to your workplace, there are a few things you must first do to be sure you are fit to return to work and will not put other individuals at risk. Here are some things you should do first:

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Protecting Yourself in the Workplace

When it has been established that you would resume duties at work, there are certain things an employer must put in place to ensure the safety of employees. Health and safety guidelines should be followed at all times. Also, employers should endeavor to follow these guidelines and create a safe working environment for staff.

Employers should place hand washing points at strategic locations to encourage good hygiene practices such at office entrances, cafeterias, restrooms, etc. Hand sanitizers can also be an alternative to handwashing points where none are available.

When you resume work, you should do all you can to protect yourself and protect others as well. This way, the spread of the virus is curtailed. Some office/workplace safety tips to help you are:

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If you begin to show any symptoms similar to those associated with the virus, isolate yourself immediately, and call your GP to arrange for a test.

By doing all these, the spread of the virus will be greatly reduced and will eventually fade away. But first, stay safe. Contact PharmEnvee for products you may need before going to work.

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