Following Pharmeum (July Edition)

Aug 17 · 2 min read

Development, Marketing, and Adoption are the key themes in Pharmeum’s July progress.

The team returned safely to the United Kingdom, from the Roadshow in Seoul, South Korea on July the 11th. Recently, there has been a lot of focus on building the Pharmeum project in Eastern Asia. Currently the team are distributed across the UK, Europe and Hong Kong, with efforts to further expand worldwide. This is to make Pharmeum well-positioned across several continents.

CryptoDaily covered Pharmeum in their new publication for Global Blockchain-based Healthcare on July the 15th. The article had an interesting take on the benefit that Crypto and Blockchain can have in streamlining, border-less Healthcare.

A synergistic Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence architecture was the main technical focus in their article. The Pharmeum Brain is designed to analyse all Blockchain-based Medical Data throughout your entire life. Much like how your Financial profile grows over time through transactions, your Health profile does too. Currently, this Medical Data gathers dust and is not used to its fullest capabilities. Pharmeum’s Blockchain platform facilitates the transactions in your Health, such as your treatment/medication/payments. This valuable data is used to build a unique Health profile personalised to you. The Pharmeum Brain feeds on this data, and uses various deep learning algorithms to analyse your Health 24/7 as it changes in real-time.


The Pharmeum Blockchain MVP is finished and under the final stages of testing and deployment. This will allow for digital Medication assets and PHRM Coins to be transacted between unique user wallets. The expected public release will be in September/October.


The team are working on the feedback gathered from the adoption of BluePatient (Pharmeum’s Analytics Software). This is incredibly valuable in shaping Pharmeum’s range of products — PHRM Coins, PHRM Pay, and the PHRM Brain etc. to be made better suited for the end-user. Successful traction for BluePatient within the Pharmaceutical industry opens the doors to new partners in new countries.

What’s next?

  • Upcoming Partnership announcements
  • Further testing on the Blockchain MVP
  • Advancements in the PHRM Token Economy

Make sure to follow all announcements closely on the Pharmeum Telegram channel here.


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The data-fuelled Blockchain network to power AI and intelligent Apps. Powered by PHRM Coins.

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