Following Pharmeum (June Edition)

Jul 6 · 3 min read

With the anticipation for the Pharmeum Public IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) rising, this June was an especially busy month for the Pharmeum team.

The start of June followed shortly after Pharmeum was chosen as a leading AI project by the Malta Blockchain Summit. The ambition and accomplishments of Pharmeum are being recognised even further worldwide. The partners that Pharmeum are finalising arrangements with are some of the biggest companies in the space. Some of which will be officially announced in the coming weeks/months.

Pharmeum was presented as the Blockchain Keynote at the Digital iCEE event in Bucharest on June the 14th by Zain Rana (Co-Founder of Pharmeum). The event was attended by over 3000 people, with Pharmeum at the centre of attention in the Blockchain category.

An interview discussing Pharmeum’s vision was made by Robert Beadles from Crypto Beadles on June the 20th. This was posted on YouTube, and was a more personal angle to the creation of Pharmeum, including the long-term goals which motivate the team.

The Pharmeum events roadshow was confirmed later in June, covering meet-ups in Malaysia, Taiwan and South Korea. Pharmeum was presented in Malaysia as the Blockchain solution to Healthcare on June the 29th, with an incredible level of enthusiasm. The core team hosted a meetup at the Asian Blockchain Summit with the Pharmeum community. There are regular meetups at Blockchain events around the world, where you can meet the team behind Pharmeum’s vision.


Fantastic progress was made in the development for the Pharmeum project. The PHRM tip bot has passed further tests in the trial period and has experienced zero major bugs as of yet.

The long-awaited Pharmeum Blockchain MVP development has finished successfully. We’re currently moving the Blockchain MVP to the Pharmeum website and expect to have it ready to use by next week. This will mean that for the first time in history, a Private Blockchain can be used to transfer Digital Medication Assets and transacted with PHARM Tokens (PHRM).

What’s next?

In the coming months, we anticipate to have the following announcements ready.

  • New institutions backing the Pharmeum project.
  • The new Pharmeum Whitepaper v2.0 being released.
  • Further partnerships within the Pharmaceutical and Cryptocurrency space.
  • Regular Ask Me Anything sessions with the core Pharmeum team.
  • Development feedback from the alpha-testing of the Pharmeum Blockchain MVP.
  • The name of the IEO Launchpad for the Pharmeum token sale, as well as the date (August/September).

All announcements will be published in the Pharmeum Telegram group, where you can also ask the team any questions directly. Further information can also be found on the Pharmeum Website.

Tokenizing Global Healthcare.


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