Pharmeum is now in the Top 3 AI Projects of 2019

May 27 · 2 min read

Today we’re proud to announce that Pharmeum has been officially chosen as a leading AI project by the Malta Blockchain Summit.

Pharmeum has been recognised worldwide to be a pioneer in combining both Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence in creating a global Healthcare 3.0. On Thursday the 23rd of May, Pharmeum was presented on stage by CEO Zain Rana. A panel of AI Experts asked in-depth questions and rated the project based on its merits.

Malta Blockchain Summit hosted some of the leading, and most disruptive projects in both Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence. Pharmeum was proud to not only be shortlisted, but also to be chosen in the top 3 projects worldwide.

This year alone Pharmeum has also became the first Blockchain ‘Innovator of the Year’ finalist by Health Investor Awards. This recent recognition compliments the results delivered by the team.

“We’re strong believers in focusing on real results and traction. In the Cryptocurrency space especially, more projects should focus on adoption to better the validity of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain as a whole. Thank you to Malta Blockchain Summit for recognising this.” – Zain Rana, CEO and Co-Founder of Pharmeum

At the event, another regular meet-up took place with some of the Pharmeum supporters. Pharmeum will also be presented in the iCEE Digital Festival on June 13/14th in Bucharest.

The Pharmeum Telegram group is the place to be for keeping up to date on Pharmeum news and announcements. To be a part of the innovation, visit the website.


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