Pharmeum’s 2018 Blockchain Summary

This year has been the most pivotal for Pharmeum’s success, with so much accomplished we’d like to share our summary of the year with you.

In 2018, Pharmeum attended some of the leading events in both the Blockchain / Crypto and Healthcare industry, such as Blockchain Live (London), World Blockchain Summit (Dubai) and many more.
The excitement over our advanced form of healthcare, by utilising the latest technological advancements, has been greatly appreciated.

We have many more events scheduled for Q1 2019 already, furthering the creation of a positive community behind the project.

BluePatient, the first product of Pharmeum, has been successfully trialled within the National Health Service (NHS) in 2018. Seeing large healthcare organisations warming up to the use of powerful technology is a massive stride forward in the right direction. It also further strengthens Pharmeum’s vision within the industry, effectively accelerating the adoption of the platform once live.

“It (BluePatient) has the potential to grow and be used in many patient consultations to improve patient understanding of their health conditions and how to manage them.” — Bushra Almari (NHS Locum Pharmacist)

The feedback gained from 2018, will help create Pharmeum’s products in 2019 in a more efficient way.

The Pharmeum Proof of Concept v1.0 was created in 2018 prior to our MVP development. The Pharmeum live Blockchain MVP is under fantastic progress lately. The development is ahead of schedule, and is expected to be published to show a working demonstration of the Pharmeum health platform, in late January-February.

Our development is currently ahead of schedule, and the entire team behind the project are working tirelessly to deliver actual results. Being able to present a working product before an ICO, furthers the credibility of the Pharmeum project tremendously, and this is what we needed in the ICO industry. — Zain Rana (CEO, Pharmeum)

Ultimately, the Pharmeum project is going into 2019 with ambition and drive. 2019 will truly be the year of actual application of Blockchain.

From everyone at the Pharmeum project, we wish you all a happy new year, and a brilliant 2019!

Pharmeum — Smarter, Digitised Healthcare