Labor Pains

It’s quite easy conceiving ideas and aborting them. Often the struggles we face don’t hinder our success, it’s during the struggle that our very foundation is tested. How hard is it convincing someone to believe in you ? How nauseating is it carrying a premature dream ? Well you are not alone my friend, I’ve spent many sleepless nights fighting for approval.

First trimester

The beginning of your purpose is filled with so much joy and certainty. The finish line is literally centimeters away. You already can already imagine the contractions. The bump is not yet showing but you are glowing with faith. You are quick to dismiss your doubters. On top of the mountain you stand ready to conquer the world.

Second Trimester

The aches are now present and doubt is evident when you speak. Nevertheless your heart desires this purpose. Every hour of each day your anxiety grows. Your due date seems further and further with each day. Your peers seem neons ahead with flourishing bouncing baby businesses. Jealousy and frustration consume your heart. You are alone according to your mind. “A genius misunderstood by these simple minded people.” Don’t they know you are carrying a purpose ? Your ego swells as well as your lack of purpose.

Third Trimester

The day is here you have induced your own labor. You call yourself a “boss”, “self made” this and that … you know the rest. Your water has bust labor begins. Here you go the moment you’ve been waiting for. Everything is coming together yet falling apart at the same time. Abort the purpose the world says “what’s so special about it.” Give up your friends say abort it it’s costing you your money, time and effort.


Although things didn’t go your way you learned that your way wasn’t always the best. Through prayer and seeking of Jesus you found your purpose. He humbled you in moments of self righteousness. You gained wisdom in spite of your inexperience. The growing pains left stretch marks to remind you of his grace and mercy. He delivered you a purpose that forever grows. From the conception in the womb to labor he guided you through every step. Although fearful you learned fear and doubt weren’t of him. Jesus took your one load and multiplied ten times over. You lack nothing even in the midst of each phase your purpose remains grounded on his foundation.