Who Am I ?!

I may not change the world but the dreamer in me refuses to stand idle and watch evil corrupt us. We all have platforms to speak freely about Christianity yet we choose to selfishly be content with the norm. I’d rather be the annoying guy that continuously post’s about our savior rather than what I like to call a (stand by Christian). We in America (Yes we that includes me) are perhaps the most selfish humans up to date. Everything is about i ..i-phone,i need ,I want, I hate, I wish, I must. On and on we self indulge in the pleasures of the world.

I urge us to practice selflessness, faithfullness and see the freedom in them. As we speak i have decided to write my first book entitled LOST SHEEPISHLY. Let the holy spirit guide me, i have no fear in man’s opinions because my purpose is not to serve man but God. Seemingly you may be asking who is this man ? without further ado i am Tweety Otieri Angwenyi one of five Kenyan boys raised by Nahashon Angwenyi and Florence Angwenyi. Born in the ecentric country in east Africa called Kenya. Memories of the foul aroma filling the streets where the homeless lived and garbage was disposed, fuel’d a spirit of freedom carefree and worry of this world. Timid shy and oddly named often i became the class favorite an admired kid in the eyes of others and i wonderd why ? Looking back at it it was as if they new my name had me destined for something greater.

At the tender age of 6 things simply fell apart. My mom was given an opportunity to continue her education in the United States. Fast forward onwards my family and i are standing outside the airport as we were waving goodbye to my mom. Tears flew down my face as she left. Anger, abandonment, disbelief and confusion raged inside me. For three and a half years i bottled up my emotions i was cold, i tried erasing her memory each day. I would ask myself why did she leave ? and whether she will come back for us ?

As each year passed all hope subsided and the faith i had in christ subdued. It was night time i was 7 or 8 years old our favorite tv show was on WWF wrestling!! This show provided an imagination of a growing fantasy world.An escape to a world, one that we could see and be involved in. On this particular night i remember the show ending and everyone going to sleep, and i too lazy to walk to the one bed that we all four shared. Decided to doze off in the hard wood couch, deep in my sleep, head laid back i swam in the darkness of this night. Light headed and not awake i couldn’t move my eyes, they had rolled back and i was motionless yet responsive to my surroundings. My uncle Moses found me unresponsive and blacked out on the couch. He carried me on his shoulder and ran to the nearby nurses home. I rememeber being lifeless and unabale to talk, i couldn’t move and i asked myself in that state “why was this happening to me ? why was i being punished ?”

On that night God spared my life and saved me so that i may use that experience as a testimony. In a series of miracles and trials God has in numerous ways revealed himself to me. I would only be a fool to regard these instances as mere coincidences. Light of the world he shapes us and harnesse’s us like diamonds. Truly i tell you i fear for what this world has to offer us. We live with reckless abandonment, we drink from the cup that never runeth’s over. We inhale from the tree of evil and deciet. We live by our own commandments. We seek after our glory and turn a blind eye to the forsaken. The sin of which i speak dwells within, it peeps like a thief and rob’s me of my essence. My likeness from my father dissapears when it scorn’s me with deceit. Often in captivity my body demands it, excuses i make i run to hide it. Deep in my soul i know I’ll find it. Sin oh sin you’re like a tree which beareth no fruit you stand but wither away when the sun rises.

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