The Most Creative Decor Ideas For Your Living Room

Home is definitely the place where your heart is. We dearly desire that our homes be the place where ultimate comfort can be found. But, we don’t want our homes to be just comfortable and boring, but wish that they are aesthetically appealing too. That’s not at all impossible! We can easily make our homes comfortable and beautiful at the same time.

Being living room the heart of a home, we can bring a great deal of change to the entire look of the home by concentrating on the decor of the living room itself. Here are some of the tips to beautify the living rooms without putting in much efforts:

LED Bulbs India

Use gorgeous chandeliers installed with LED bulbs India in the centre of your living room to illuminate as well as decorate it. You can choose from a wide variety of chandeliers, from geometric to antique and jewelled to contemporary designs.

Don’t go for the ordinary coffee tables, instead choose something unique to complement your sofa or couch. Avoid huge tables that knock your feet every now and then while moving around in your living room.

Go for the comfortable seating options for your living room. Plush sofas, couches and armchairs, complementing the wall colours and decor, are the ideal options.

Use lots of mirrors, or if you can’t use many of these, then you should go for a single but large mirror. Usage of mirror/s can add the illusion of space to a living room in the most subtle way.

Using patterned carpets or rugs on the floor, especially underneath the furniture, helps to add grace to the decor. You can also match the pillows or cushions with the colours and patterns of the carpet.

Hanging the curtains well above the window or doors impart airiness and an illusion of height. Keep the curtain design basic, but make sure to use extra fabric to make it hang high.

Introduce bright colours to the decor of your living room to make it more lively and attractive. You can experiment by using vibrant colours for curtains, rugs, pillows, upholstery or even the walls.

Enough attention needs to be given to the lighting of the living room as that can make a lot of difference to the entire decor. It’s always best to go for LED bulbs India to illuminate the place, without any kind of worries as these are energy efficient, durable and beneficial in every way.

Use fresh flowers to instantly add a refreshing effect to the decor of your living room. Don’t forget to select a gorgeously looking vase to place the flowers.

These are some of the tricks to touch up the decor of your living room which can make your home look way more beautiful. Just make sure to always go for LED bulbs India while doing the decor of your home with LED Light.

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