Top Truck Mechanic in Colorado Springs, CO

Phases Truck and Auto Repair is a fully equipped, one-stop maintenance repair facility, servicing and repairing everything on your car, truck or van including major and minor repairs for all gas and diesel vehicles. We service all makes, models and styles of vehicles, offering great service at competitive prices and we stand behind what we do.

Our 11,000 square foot facility, located at 1670 Paonia, is able to hold many vehicles at one time. Four vehicles can be worked on at any time by truck mechanic in Colorado Springs. The large space also allows vehicles to be pulled inside at night for added security.

Our preventative maintenance inspection offers a systematic and thorough approach to vehicle maintenance and repair. This program includes inspection of brakes, suspension, electrical system, drive train, exhaust, belts, hoses, pulleys, pumps, cooling system and fluids. This inspection also provides the fleet manager with PM frequency recommendations and report of services performed.

Today’s vehicles are high-tech marvels with digital dashboards, oxygen sensors, electronic computers, unibody construction, and more. They run better, longer, and more efficiently than models of years past. But when it comes to repairs, some things stay the same. The tips below are things SOMEBODY needs to be doing to every one of your vehicles.

On the side of the carriage of the equation that there are some serious issues to consider and one is the challenge of meeting the demand for trained technicians have all these new vehicles, including hybrid trucks and even the next semi-trucks Fuel Cell. No cost, the problem is that they need in the workshop on the client computer and the shortage of qualified truck mechanics is severe and getting worse. It will continue to be a challenge and worse as time passes.

It seems that the crisis of shortage of labor is all in the transportation industry and the shortage of drivers is only the half of it. Due to the shortage of qualified mechanics, certified and trained for trucks and technicians and the increasing complexity of the equipment itself, therefore the number of hours of training to certify a mechanic main carriage, the way the trucks are repaired and maintained you will have to change.