• Chris Aram

    Chris Aram

    Founder & CEO at English Perfected; the future of English education and services. #startup chris@englishperfected.com

  • Martin Rezny

    Martin Rezny

    An independent Czech thinker, speaker, writer, and composer.

  • Ali Craigmile

    Ali Craigmile

    Executive Product Manager, Bitesize | BBC Design + Engineering

  • Miles Matthias

    Miles Matthias

    Solutions Architect at Stripe. Founder CTOLunches.com.

  • Karen Williams

    Karen Williams

    Corporate Rat Race Escapist, American Expat, Wanderer&Wonderer, Real Estate Investor, Writer & Online Business Entrepreneur http://www.freedomseekers.io/

  • Bas Nijman

    Bas Nijman

    Founder of www.aimyapp.com / Lover of 1 / Father of 2 / Realistic Dream Chaser / Strategy Consultant / Essentialist in the making / Run Addict / Beer Lover

  • Ash Buchanan

    Ash Buchanan

    Benefit Mindset I Wellbeing Design I Regenerative Development

  • Martha Hawkins

    Martha Hawkins

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