Telos EVM is a non-Ethereum fork, Ethereum virtual machine, or EVM that runs an existent Solidity and Vyper contracts with no modification, just like Ethereum.

On the 17th of October, Telos blockchain announced the launch of its EVM Mainnet. The EVM Mainnet will help to solve issues that pest the Ethereum network.
Frontrunning, slow transaction speeds, and high gas fees are issues underlying the cryptocurrency market.

The telos EVM mainnet is the first EVM-compatible Layer 1 chain that gives unprecedented ease of migration to a hantle of programs operating on the Ethereum chain and provides a singular user experience for these programs.
The telos EVM will be helpful to the existing Ethereum dapps obstructed by the increase in Ethereum gas fees while enabling developers to deploy their Solidity smart contracts to Telos EVM without any code modification.

However, the Telos EVM solves problems barely noticed by Ethereum 2.0, which is the capability of large-scale traders to trade fully insulated from front runners.
The use of frontrunning by Etherum miners and trader bots for some acts, most times influences the price of the underlying security or coin. This, in turn, hinders some investors from totally enjoying the crypto space and making some investments.

According to Douglas Horn, The chief architect and white paper author of Telos, front running on DeFi has become complicated and unpleasant. It began when individuals used bots to offer high gas fees to when the miners themselves inserted their front-running transactions while paying only the minimum gas fees.
Therefore, mining pools that operate the Blockchain are extracting value from users without their consent.”

Telos EVM is preferably better, faster, and less expensive and works on a first-come, first-serve basis. The integration with Metamask permits investors to trade safely as usual on NASDAQ.”

Lastly, Telos EVM transaction fees are very cheap. Sub-dollar trades are feasible therefore, everyone can participate in DeFi trading.




crypto Enthusiast content writer

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Phavour Joshua2

Phavour Joshua2

crypto Enthusiast content writer

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