A Metaphor To Help Your Emotional Healing Process

Don’t Worry About Healing, It Happens Spontaneously! Focus On Providing The Right Environment

How do we treat a wound?

I recently had surgery, and the recovery process was enlightening. I have a big wound where I was cut open, and I need to heal this wound. Except, of course, I don’t sit there and make it heal, as if I’m assembling Ikea furniture. No, my body knows how to heal itself, and it’s busy doing that quite well. My job is to provide the best possible environment for this wound: I keep it clean with an antibiotic ointment, so no nasty bugs get in the way of healing. I eat well, so my body has plenty of building blocks. I don’t prod or strain the wound, so I don’t put additional pressure on it.

The same attitude applies to healing from emotional wounds. It’s rare that we have to go and reassemble the individual pieces of our emotional self — our emotional mind is quite capable of healing itself as well. Our job is to provide the environment that will foster that healing. When we lose an attachment figure, like a romantic partner or a loved on, our mind will try to heal itself! We don’t have to worry about that! What we’re called to do is to retreat to our home base, remove ourselves from toxic environments, connect with those who love us, and give them the wonderful gift of being of service (if they can!).

I should note: I’m talking about your run-of-the-mill emotional turmoil that we pick up through life. There are plenty of serious mental illnesses that need more than simply “the right environment”. Still, supplying the right environment is a cornerstone of the healing process.