AWS is the US Navy of the Cloud…

Dec 17, 2018 · 1 min read

The US Navy has a policy of not staying one step ahead of it’s peers, but two. No other Navy have super carriers in production, rail gun tech actively being tested, a fleet of ballistic AND attach subs. “The Cloud” version, in my opinion, is AWS. Not only do they command a very large market share but the underlying performance metrics are amazingly ahead of it’s completion. Let me explain.

Cockroach Labs came across an interesting situation where AWS was out performing GCP. I was curious as well as I have a slight leaning towards performance (both production and load testing). Reading over the article and looking at the data was eye opening. Not only is AWS leading, but gaining in that lead as well.

Here is the article Cockroach Labs posted. Take a look, it is interesting in the least.

Originally published at David J Eddy.

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