Chocolate Fix made in a Blender

Chocolate Sauce and Strawberries

That’s right, with only four ingredients you can get your Chocolate Fix from a Blender — or in my case, a Vitamix. It’s delicious, easy and usable in assorted ways. Serve warm as a dipping sauce with fruit or ice cream. You can also grab a mixing bowl, pour in the chocolate and stir-in anything you like in a chocolate bar. Allow it to set in the fridge for easy-to-grab chocolate bites. All the details below.

The Chocolate Ingredient List

Chocolate Ingredients

Use any Brands you like. This is what I had in the pantry.

1/4 cup Raw Agave

1/4 cup Cacao Powder

1 teaspoon vanilla (I spill over a drop or two)

2 tablespoons Coconut Oil

That’s it!!!!!

NOTE: I make this in triple or quad batch, because it doesn’t last long. Plus having more volume in the blender makes it run smoother and quicker.

The Chocolate Fix Preparation Method

Place everything in the blender and hit the Go Button.

If you are using this like a fondue dip, and you have a blender that heats, run it till the chocolate is warm. If your blender doesn’t heat, warm in the microwave for only a few seconds.

Use an off-set spatula to help chocolate pour out. Try not to eat it all at this moment.

Ways to Use this Chocolate

DIPPING SAUCE: As a warm dipping sauce for fruit, or over ice cream, or cake, or anything.

CHOCOLATE BARS: With this style it doesn’t matter if the chocolate is warm or not. Pour Chocolate and other ingredients you like in a mixing bowl. (I like walnuts or almonds, coconut and goji berries). This is where you can be creative.

Line a dish that has sides in parchment paper. Don’t use a flat plate.

Pour in mixture and smooth with a spatula. Score with a knife. Chocolate may be too soft to score cleanly. If so, set it in the fridge for about five minutes allowing it to set up, then score again. This is a rich recipe, cut into small bites.

Place in fridge to set up. This takes about an hour.

NOTE: Chocolate sets up hard in the refrigerator because of the coconut oil. If you take it out and think you can carry it with you all day, it will become a gooey mess, because the coconut oil begins to liquify just above room temperature. You can solve this by putting the cold chocolate pieces in a container with a lid and eat with a spoon if it melts. I’ve done this on road trips!

NOTE: Agave is low glycemic, so it doesn’t spike sugar levels. However it is high in fructose, making it a sweetener that you want to be careful with. This is a splurge dish, not a daily nutritious meal plan…haha! Here’s a helpful information link.

Non-Dairy Strawberry Romanoff

If you want to do something really fun. Create a Strawberry Romanoff with my Sweet Cashew Cream Recipe [LINK]. Place cream and strawberries in a tall glass and top with this chocolate and a mint leaf.

Originally published at Phebe Phillips Blog.