Handbag Gadgets

Open bag and Hanging bag

Yes, the open bag photo is exaggerated for this photo, but I do see similar thoughtlessness when I’m out shopping. Each time it amazes me that someone would walk away to pick up an item, leaving their handbag open with their wallet, and personal information exposed for someone to quickly snap up. A few years ago, I was in a big box store, when someone grabbed a woman’s handbag from the child seat of her cart. She had briefly turned away to look at an item a few feet away. The thief dashed out the door, and into a waiting car quickly speeding away with her identity, phone, and car keys. From that point on, I have always kept my bag zipped, and clipped to my cart. As we enter the busy shopping season using a carabiner is a terrific way to let in-store thieves know you know they’re there.

All three are great at keeping your bag secured to a shopping cart, cafe chair, or off the floor in a public toilet. They are light weight, making them convenient to take along in your bag. I never leave home without the Prillo, and REI gadgets in my bag. I would take the Nite Ize, but a friend liked it so much, they took it. Bottom line, all three do the same thing. It comes down to your personal choice of price and function. The Prillo, is multi-purpose. It swings open 180 degrees, so it can also be used to hook on top of a cafe table, as demonstrated in the below photo. In a google search they are called carabiners. I call them bag gadgets. They make great little girlfriend gifts or stocking stuffers. They are wonderful accessories to attach bags for someone on a walker, or new moms with carriages.

REI Carabiner on Cafe Chair and Shopping Cart

REI Carabiner on Cafe Chair and Shopping Cart

REI Carabiner on Cafe Chair and Shopping Cart

REI: Sold as a carabiner for mountain climbing gear. It has enough open space to hold my bag and several shopping totes, $5.95. [LINK HERE]

Heart in Bloom Illustration

“Happiness Makes the Heart Bloom” by Phebe Phillips. Illustrated in chalk pastels for her book, Why Me? Positive Verse for Loss and Sadness.

Originally published at Phebe Phillips Blog.