Happy Holidays and My New Year

Merry Christmas

Phebe’s bedside table

Dear Readers,

Happy Holidays, Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I have a few things to look forward to as we embrace a new year.

  • My new PhebePhillips(dot)com site will be coming soon. It’s quite comprehensive and has proven to be a bigger beast than I can manage alone.
  • Beyond the Hill — A Stunning Collection of War Poetry, published by U.K. publisher Lost Tower Publications features my poem, Pilot’s Story. It’s a poem I wrote about my uncle who was taken as a German prisoner in WWII, and escaped during the night. Beyond the Hill is an anthology by Selected International Poets, to which I am honored to be one of the selected. Here’s the Amazon Link. I write a lot of poetry which just rests in my computer files. It cannot be posted to social media or my blog because then it’s considered published, and cannot be submitted to literary journals. Pilot’s Story was submitted in Fall 2016 and I received notice of its acceptance for publication in September 2017.
Beyond the Hill
  • Podcast: The Literary CatCast — a five to seven minute podcast reading scenes from literary books with cats as characters. Pictured is the iTune graphic. Coming early 2018.
Literary CatCast Icon for Blog
  • Podcast: The Specialness of You — a one-and-a-half-minute daily podcast beginning with an amazing scientific fact about our bodies followed with inspiration to have a great day and be the best you possible. Did you know that human eyes can distinguish up to 10 million color surfaces…10 million, and take in more information than the largest telescope known to man. Stay tuned! Pictured is the iTune graphic. Coming 2018.
The Specialness of You
  • Why Me? Positive Verse for Loss and Sadness, my first kid’s book (and for adults) will finally be available early this year. It was originally written for the American Red Cross to help the young and emotionally challenged deal with the magnitude of loss. Pictured are my chalk pastel images for the cover, yet to be finalized. Coming early 2018.
Why Me Book Illustration
  • My felted work will be available for purchase. The items will be shoulder wraps, scarves, and flowers. Pictured below is a needle felted heart and a shoulder wrap with the flower pin that holds it…notice the felted heart located to the upper left of the flower — Mark of Phebe. Available for purchase in 2018 through a former Neiman Marcus personal shopper, and three select stores in Dallas, Boerne, and Tyler. Oh yes, and available on my new website.
Felt Heart
Felt Wrap and Flower

Phebe Phillips lives in Dallas, Texas

My Dear Friends, Happy Wonderful Holidays and a New Year of your dreams and wildest imagination.

Love, love, and always love ~~Phebe

Originally published at Phebe Phillips Blog.