My Podcast — Cat and Mouse’s Christmas, a poem

The Literary CatCast Podcast

The Literary CatCast Podcast has launched and is available on all podcast platforms, of course iTunes Apple is the most popular. I’m creating this to be a charming podcast merging literature and cats. Short readings feature cats as main characters from scenes in fiction and poetry. The intent is to bring awareness that cats can be funny, interesting characters to write about, and to help you build a personal Cat Literature Library. Episodes are typically five-to-nine minutes in length.

Here’s a Link to the Christmas Podcast. It’s only 4 minutes

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A few more details

In no way are readings for The Literary CatCast meant to represent an audio book. They’re only short readings about cats as characters in literature.

In the Episode Details and Show Notes, on The Literary CatCast Page you will find the book image, and a live link to a place where the featured book may be purchased. Because books may be out-of-print, links may be to rare book sellers.

You can have your cat featured to voice meows and purrs. Details are on the webpage listed above.

Episode 001 gives a brief explanation about the podcast.

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How You Can Help

Currently the show is so new on iTunes Podcast it does not have enough reviews to have a rating.

  • Leave a review, or just stars without words…They both count!
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  • Share it with a literature-loving-cat-lover in your life.

“Happy Holidays and Happy New Year…and thank you for supporting my creative endeavors,” ~Phebe

Phebe in Podcast Room

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